Audrey House

Audrey House, one of the oldest buildings in Ranchi. is now a part of the Governor’s Residence. This 160 years old building was built in 1854 by Captain Hannyington, Deputy Commissioner of Chotanagpur (1850-1856). Before the Raj Bhawan came into existence, this building was an extension of the Governor’s secretariats during the time when Ranchi was the summer capital of Audrey House undivided Bihar.


This historical building is a heritage property of the Government and was in need of restoration work to make it re-functional. The site has been chosen for work under the Jharkhand 13th Finance Commission Conservation & Restoration Projects along with 23 other sites. A large section of the building remained locked up for years. The campus is filled with trees and wild vegetation. The old wall was made of sun dried bricks by laying it with horizontal bamboo frames and mud-lime mortar, and was not in good condition for many years. The building was restored with all the necessary development works. The restored building has been inaugurated by the Honorable President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on January 10th, 2016.