Activities performed under Water Supply Section, RMC


New Water Connection given:-

1)          Types of Connection

o   Domestic

o   Apartment

o   Commercial   

o   Govt. & Institutional

o   Bulk Consumers


Total water connection –   1,05,909 Consumers

                             Metered           -             12000

                             Non-meter      -             27701

                             Bulk                   -                   09

                             By PHED          -             65900


Resources created and maintained by RMC


1.          3200 Hand Pumps:-

              Maintained by Seven (7) repairing teams in all 55 wards

7 team altogether includes permanent labours and 32 daily wages labours.


2.          Mini HYDT:-

Under this scheme as per the recommendation of Ward Counselor altogether 540 boring has been done in different ward through these scheme people living in vicinity of boring get the water for their daily need.


3.          HYDT Boring (Deep Boring) :-

              Total no. of Boring -   141


These deep boring also serve the purpose of daily water need of the people living is surrounding.


4.           Both HYDT and Mini HYDT O & M work is done by a registered agency named M/s Abhishek Enterprises.

5.           Rig Machine registration and renewal work is done. So far 73 Rig machine is registered.

6.           For illegal connection/boring dhawa dal is already constituted.

7.           20 ltr. Jar Water facility provided through 5 life water plant established in RMC area.

Source of revenue :-

ü  Water user charge

ü  New Connection

ü  Bulk consuemers

ü  Rig machine registration


ü  Illegal Connection

ü  Illegal boring

New schemes

ü  Missing Link scheme through PHED under JnNURM.

ü  AMRUT scheme is being executed by JUIDCO.


8.           Application for 6” boring is accepted where approval given through advisory committee.