Market Section Plays a Pivotal role in regulating all kinds of Commercial activities in the Ranchi Municipal area. Various activities from issuing trade license,  Permission for erection of Hoardings, Settlement of Municipal land and shops, Maintenance of Parks and roundabout, Registration of Hostel/Lodge/Marriage Hall/Banquet Hall and Dharmshala, Permission of Installation of Mobile Tower cum High mast light, maintenance is done by Ranchi Municipal Corporation. Ranchi Dharmshala and Madhukam Vegetable Market is run by Ranchi Municipal Corporation for the benefit of general public.

          All the settlements under market section is done by open tenders. The “Mantra” is transparency.

1.   Annual settlement of Parking slots, Bus Stands, Tempo Stands and Vegetable Markets is done by open tender by auction.

2.       Registration of Advertisement agency done on application received by the Ad- Agency. Registration Fee is Rs. 2,00,000/- Following documents are required for registration:-

          (i)       GST Registration

          (ii)      PAN Card

          (iii)     IT Return

          (iv)     Address Proof and ID proof

          (v)      Experience

          Registration is valid for five years and after five years, registration can be renewed. Renewal fees is Rs. 1,00,000/- and it is valid for five years.

3.       Settlement of Parks is done by open tender.

4.       Municipal Lands are settled on annual license to licensee for business purpose.

5.       Municipal Shops are settled by open tender.

6.       Registration of Lodge, Hostel, and Banquet Hall/Marriage Hall & Dharmshala are done on the basis of notification issued by State Govt.

7.       Installation of high mast light on mobile tower is mandatory by the telecom companies.

Telecom companies are granted permission on the public land after applying for allotment. The idea behind installation of mobile tower cum high mast light is in public interest, beside lighted street; the problem of call drop also minimized    

8.       Allotment of roundabout for maintenance on application given by social organization/Govt. undertakings or by open tender.

9.       Issuing of Municipal License work is outsourced and it is done under regulation issued by State Govt.

10.      Ranchi Dharmshala is running under RMC and fee/rent structure is as follows:-

          (i)       30 Rs. per day per person


          (ii)      15,000 Rs + GST for per function