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R A N C H I  M U N I C I P A L  C O R P O R A T I O N


 Q: What is a Trade License?

A: Trade License is a license issued by the municipal corporation which gives you permission to carry on the particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not grant ownership of property or permission for any other activity than for which it is issued.

Q: What are the different types of business or trade for which trade license will be issued?
::TYPE A ::

All eating establishments like Hotels, Restaurants , Refreshments, Dharshinies , Sale of Coffee and Tea , Lodging Houses , Bakeries , Sweet meat stall , Sale of Mutton , Fish  and Chicken and Provision stores.

::TYPE B::

All trades which use motive power to run and to manufacture like, Industries, Factories, Workshops, Power rooms, Flour Mills, Cyber cafe etc.

:: TYPE C::

Offensive and dangerous trades like, charcoal depot , sale of firewood, timber wood , dry clean shops , Dhobi shops , Beauty parlor , Barbershop , Sale of edible oil , storage of ammunitions ,breweries, manufacture camphor and candles etc.

Q: Why do I need a trade license?

A: It is important for trade within the city to be regulated to ensure that the citizen is not adversely affected by Health Hazard & Nuisance by improper carrying of a trade. The trade license is a means to ensure that the manner in which the business is being carried on is according to the relevant rules, standards and safety guidelines.

Q: If I don’t obtain my Trade License, what will be the result?

A: As per the RMC Act, running an unauthorized Trade is offense. The concerned authority may seize or lock your Trade business with or without intimation.

Q: What is period for license renewal?

A: Renewal period is from January 1st to March 31st of every year.

Q: Who is the contact officer, if I have questions regarding my Trade License?

A: Health Officer is the contact Officer for license enquiry.

Q: In which cases the License suspension / revocation can occur?

A: If the license holder is violating the license conditions and nuisance to neighbors or surroundings, the license will be cancelled. 

Q: How long does the application process normally take?

A: Normally 8 days. Incase if documents are incomplete and incorrect it may take more time.

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